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Annual report

Every year since 1959 our annual report has provided an overview of the latest trends and developments in the M&A business, as well as the fields of politics, taxes and other current issues. About 15,000 managers, entrepreneurs, investors, auditors, tax accountants and lawyers count themselves among our long-time readers.


Extracts from the annual report 2016


"The expressed assumption in our last annual report that we expect a very successful year 2016 has come true more than we had anticipated.

Even though the year has not yet finished our sales till October are significantly higher than our total revenue in 2015.

Responsible for this were on one hand the good order situation for sales mandates and on the other hand the high demand of strategic buyers and financial investors.

Overall the price level for medium-sized enterprises was rarely as high as today. This is only partly due to the very low interest level but mainly due to the large number of strategic buyers from abroad.

Especially Chinese, South Koreans, Japanese, Americans and Canadians stand in line for attractive, technologically advanced German companies. The demand constantly exceeds the short supply by far.

But even financial investors hardly can settle their substantial financial resources on the market currently. Despite this high demand company sales are not getting easier because the aspiration level of the Due Diligence simultaneously has increased significantly.

Without an experienced consultant team on the buyer side who organize a professional Due Diligence many sale processes fail although buyers and sellers have agreed in principle.

To maintain our high success rate we are going to increase our staff again in the coming years.

Our present order backlog makes us confident about a further record year 2017."


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