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Annual report

Every year since 1959 our annual report has provided an overview of the latest trends and developments in the M&A business, as well as the fields of politics, taxes and other current issues. About 15,000 managers, entrepreneurs, investors, auditors, tax accountants and lawyers count themselves among our long-time readers.


Extracts from the annual report 2017


"After the exceptionally successful year 2016, the current financial year turned out to be more challenging. Due to the high purchase prices in the market, many buyers acted more hesitant and the Due Diligence took more time than in 2016. Until the end of the current financial year, we are still expecting to close several important deals in order to achieve at least a satisfying result in 2017.

Concerning the high price level for companies, we believe that the peek has been passed and are expecting progressively decreasing prices for the next years.

If there is no recession in the next time, which at the moment luckily cannot be expected, this decline will develop as slowly as the reversal in the interest rates.

There is still a high international demand for well-managed companies from strategic buyers (USA, Swiss, China, France, India and other emerging countries) as well as from financial investors with substantial financial resources. Hence, there are still great sales perspectives.

Furthermore, the increased order backlog compared to 2016 makes us optimistic for the year 2018. 

We wish all our mandates and readers merry Christmas and are looking forward to ongoing good collaborations in the New Year 2018."


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